Nick Jonas's Biography

Nick Jonas's Biography
Feb 2023

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas's Biography

Who is Nick Jonas?
Nick Jonas is a male actor, singer, from dallas, texas,
When is Nick Jonas's birthday?
Nick Jonas was born on 1992-09-16.
What is Nick Jonas's zodiac sign?
Nick Jonas's zodiac sign is virgo .
What is Nick Jonas's religion?
Nick Jonas practices the religion of christianity .
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What is Nick Jonas's physical appearance?
Nick Jonas is a athletic
Height: 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 m)
Weigh: 70 kg (155 lbs)
Hair color: dark brown
Eyes color: dark brown
Waist: 32 inches
What is Nick Jonas's education and career?
Nick Jonas received High School from homeschooled
College: Never went to one.
What is Nick Jonas's marital status is?
Nick Jonas is married.
What is Nick Jonas's net worth 2023?
Nick Jonas's net worth is $18 million.
Who's the father of Nick Jonas?
Nick Jonas's father is paul kevin jonas, .
Who's the mother of Nick Jonas?
Nick Jonas's mother is denise miller-jonas .
Who is/are the brother(s) of Nick Jonas?
Nick Jonas's brother(s) is/are joe jonas, kevin jonas, .
Who's the wife of Nick Jonas?
Nick Jonas's wife is priyanka chopra (m. 2018) .
What are Nick Jonas's hobbies?
Nick Jonas's hobbies include collecting baseball cards, .
What is Nick Jonas's favorite color?
Nick Jonas's favorite color is blue.
What is Nick Jonas's favorite food?
Nick Jonas's favorite food is ıtalian, .
Has Nick Jonas dated anyone in the past?
Nick Jonas has previously dated Miley Cyrus (2006-2007) Selena Gomez (2008-2010) Nicole Anderson (2010) Delta Goodrem (2011-2012) Olivia Culpo (2013-2015) Demi Lovato.
Where can I find Nick Jonas on social media?
Nick Jonas can be found on social media at Instagram , Facebook , Wikipedia